Planned Parenthood Tweets “Pink Out the Vote!”

With Election Day in less than a week, Planned Parenthood is reminding their Twitter followers to vote on Tuesday and to tweet them a selfie with their “I Voted” sticker.


People responded already by tweeting selfies after they had voted early. Tweets that ask for the public to respond also encourage political participation and public discussion. Using the #PinkOutTheVote creates a space for women to have a conversation about women’s issues on Twitter.

We discussed in class how interest groups all have stakes in the election, and work to either promote a specific candidate or donate money to their campaign. Planned Parenthood has been in support of Hillary Clinton throughout the election. We also talked about how they use strategies to encourage people to vote, when they know that they will vote for their candidate.


I related this to the Polsby reading about PACs, because he wrote about why groups have interest in elections. I also related this to our discussion in class about how the Democratic party asks people how and when they plan to vote in an attempt to make them commit to voting. When people are asked to take selfies with their “I Voted” stickers, they are forced to imagine themselves having voted, which makes them more committed to going to the polls.


Sara Leonetti




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