Comedians Criticize Trump’s Abortion Comments on Twitter

This week both Samantha Bee and John Oliver, hosts of Full Frontal and Last Week Tonight respectively, have publicly made fun of Trump for his comments about late term abortion at the final Presidential debate. While Samantha Bee made her criticisms on her show Full Frontal, and ¬†John Oliver made his in a speech that he gave for the Center for Reproductive Rights ( which he started by addressing the audience as “gentlemen and nasty women”), both of their comments were brought to Twitter for the public to weigh in on.


Both comedians are known for their witty political and social commentary, and like many comedians they also both support the left (neither Bee nor Oliver are originally from the United States and I am unaware of their citizenship status or eligibility to vote). Needless to say they both support the¬†right to choose, and had less than positive things to say about Trump’s comments on abortion. Obviously, twitter users had their own things to say about it on both sides.



I connected this to the article we read at the beginning of the semester about The Daily Show and its impact on the way the public views the political environment. While the article questions whether these shows are positive for democracy, I think it is necessary for democracy that public figures be questioning and raising conversations about the political sphere because this encourages the public to engage in these conversations as well.


Sara Leonetti